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A unit trust fund is a collective investment scheme, which pools the savings of investors with similar investment objectives in a special “trust” fund managed by professional fund managers. The pooled monies in the unit trust fund will then be invested in a diversified portfolio of securities and other assets in accordance with the unit trust fund’s investment objectives and as permitted under the Securities Commission’s (SC) Guidelines on Unit Trust Funds.

The investment scheme of a unit trust fund can be illustrated as a tripartite relationship between the manager, the trustee and the unitholders. The manager is responsible for the management and operations of the unit trust fund whilst the trustee holds all the assets of the unit trust fund. The obligations and rights of each of the three parties are specified in the Deed, (a legal document entered into between the manager and the trustee, and registered with the SC). The Deed regulates the duties and responsibilities of the manager and the trustee with regard to the operations of the trust fund and protects the unitholders’ interests.

Benefit of Investing in Unit Trust funds
Unit trust funds provide you with a simple, convenient and less time-consuming method of investing in securities compared to investing directly in the stock market or any other eligible market. As an investor you are able to benefit from the expertise of full-time professional fund managers without the need to worry about what kind of securities to buy and when to get in and out of the market. By investing in unit trust funds, you have the opportunity to spread your money over a diversified portfolio of assets which otherwise may not be possible on your own.

In brief, the benefits you will get to enjoy with unit trust investment are:

  1. Professional investment services
  2. Diversification opportunities and minimised risks
  3. Affordability
  4. Convenience
  5. Liquidity

What are the types of investment plans available?

1. Cash – Lump sum investment

2. Cash – Regular Investment Plan (Auto Debit via bank account or Auto payment via credit cards

3. EPF Investment Scheme

– kindly e-mail me at ashri.elitegroup@gmail.com for advice in investing in Unit Trust funds in Malaysia.


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