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I am learning on How To Eliminate the Time Wasters in my career activities. I will drastically improve my performance and result by avoiding these TWs.

TW#1: PROCRASTINATION AND DELAY. (i) Stop wasting time. Most of the time, people spent on things that are FUN and EASY, rather than HARD and NECESSARY. (ii) I must resolve to overcome procrastination. The best way i must do is to plan each day in advance, set priorities on my activities, get up and get going. DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW. (iii) People are major time wasters. To eliminate delays, I must play my own game, work my own schedule. I should not associate with people who have time to associate with me (during working hours).

TW#2: THE INCOMPLETE SALES CALL. Incomplete sales call which requires callback. I will thoroughly prepare my presentation and take all the materials I need. Avoid 2nd time arrangement which is wasting my time.

TW#3: INACCURACIES AND DEFICIENCIES. Do my paperwork correctly and check in advance. I should never assume that everything will be all right. (assume; ass-u-and-me. haha)

TW#4: LACK OF PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE. can cost me hours of hard work. I must be clear why and how mine is superior. I must memorize all specifications and features and benefit.

TW#5: POOR PREPARATION. I must take time to diligently study every details. I will review and review again. No one will ever ask me a question that I cannot answer intelligently and completely. when i am thoroughly prepared, i am calmer, more relaxed and more positive. And I will make a positive impression on the prospect.

TW#6: UNCONFIRMED APPOINTMENT. I must and will reconfirm my appointment. to remind my clients to clear his calendar and make time for me.

TW#7: POOR GEOGRAPHICAL PLANNING OF CALLS. This is a major time waster for me. I must cluster my calls and appointments geographically. I must discipline myself not to travel between clustered geographical areas.

TW#8: NEEDLESS PERFECTIONISM. I shall only learn what I need to learn, get the basics then get up and get out there with prospects. Basics rules; 80% right and then launch. Benjamin Tregoe said, “The very worst use of time is to do very well what need not be done at all”

TW#9: DISTRACTION AND MIND WANDERING. I must pay full attention to what the prospect is saying. I will increase my focus and level of attention by taking notes while the prospect is speaking. I will practice listening techniques; leaning forward, pausing and questioning for clarification.

TW#10: OVERWORKED AND OVERTIRED. I make positive impact when i am full of vitality and enthusiasm. I must have enough sleep by going to bed before ten 5days a week. I will enhance the chance of doing successfully if i am bright and energetic in a sales conversation. I must eat right foods, get lots of rest and exercise vigorously.

TW#11: LACK OF AMBITION. Ambition leads to high performance and sales success. To be ambitious, I must be hungry. I am absolutely unstoppable in achieving my goal, for myself and my family.

(obtain full lesson on TWs from Mr. Brian Tracy; The Art of Closing the Sale)


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